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Do you need a way to make your organization more successful? I know I can help.

Some of my past successes include:

  • Help Ryazan Refinery introduce 3 new products generating added $7M a month in profits.
  • Help Ultra Tool and Manufacturing cut new die development from average of 20 weeks to 12.
  • Help Metal Spinners drastically reduce lead times and improve performance, resulting in $1.2 million profitability increase in 7 months.
  • Help ITC Manufacturing grow from $3 million in sales to $27 million in 2 years, while increasing margins by providing cost estimation automation and streamlined production.

As a way to start the relationship, I would be happy to conduct a FREE business assessment of your company that will highlight opportunities for improvement and organizational risks.

Get in touch with me:
Oleg Tumarkin, JD, MBA, CMA, CSSBB
Phone: 262-893-1142 (when in US)
Twitter: oleg_tumarkin
Skype: olegtumarkin
E-mail: oleg (at) e-m8.org
Address: 59 Margaret Rd, Newton, MA