Let’s Talk

Are you a job shop or a manufacturer of custom engineered products?

Does your RFQ to shipment cycle measure in weeks or months?

Are your revenues between $5-40 million?

Would you consider sharing equity with someone who could revolutionize your business?

If you answered yes to the above questions, we should definitely talk.

Some of my past successes include:

  • Help Ryazan Refinery introduce 3 new products generating added $7M a month in profits.
  • Help Ultra Tool and Manufacturing cut new die development from average of 20 weeks to 12.
  • Help Metal Spinners drastically reduce lead times and improve performance, resulting in $1.2 million profitability increase in 7 months.
  • Help ITC Manufacturing grow from $3 million in sales to $27 million in 2 years, while increasing margins by providing cost estimation automation and streamlined production.

As a way to start the relationship, I would be happy to conduct a FREE business assessment of your company that will highlight opportunities for improvement and organizational risks. Once we know the size of the improvement opportunity, we can discuss the terms of my engagement.

Get in touch with me:
Phone: 262-893-1142 (when in US)
Twitter: oleg_tumarkin
Skype: olegtumarkin
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/olegtumarkin
E-mail: oleg (at) e-m8.org